小屋为型钢焊接框架式结构, 内外墙及屋顶由几型钢板拼装铆接而成。全封闭系统, 具有防震、防静电、防火花、防尘、抗干扰、抗腐蚀功能,为现场分析创造最安全的环境。根据需要内置工作台、分析仪表等,可实现整体防爆功能。分析小屋外形尺寸可根据用户需要定制, 包含整套系统的设计、安装、调试、投运, 提供交钥匙工程。The cabin is a steel welded frame structure, the interior and exterior walls and roof are made of several types of steel plates assembled and riveted together. Fully enclosed system, with anti-vibration, anti-static, fireproof, dustproof, anti-interference, anti-corrosion functions, to create the safest environment for on-site analysis. According to the needs of the built-in bench, analysis instrumentation, etc., can achieve the overall explosion-proof function. The shape and size of the analysis cabin can be customized according to user needs, including the design, installation, commissioning and operation of the whole system, providing turnkey projects.

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